Civic Type R FD2

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Civic Type R FD2

Honda Civic Type R FD2

The JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Civic Type R was launched in 2007 and for the first time the hot Civic was based on a Saloon rather than the slightly limp wristed Hatchback we have in the UK.

With a body that Honda claim is 50% stiffer than the brilliant (JDM only again) Integra Type R DC5, Fully independent suspension rather than torsion beam as used in the UK type R, helical LSD, clever use of aluminium panels which are bonded rather than welded and a different uprated version of the amazing K20A engine that puts out 220bhp and revs like a racing car to 8400 rpm, the FD2 Civic Type R is about as hardcore a tool as you would want to transport the family in.

In tests the FD2 was 1 second quicker around the Japanese Tsukuba Circuit than the Integra Type R DC5 and a full 4 seconds faster around Suzuka. Also in Fifth Gears back to back test against the UK Civic Type R (FN2) the FD2 was 3 seconds quicker around a wet Castle Combe circuit.

The FD2 Type R is available in the uk as an import only car which tends to keep prices high, but it’s a car well worth seeking out if you’re looking for the most hardcore Type R driving experience.


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