About Drivers Generation

Whats it all about?


Drivers Generation is a site dedicated to showcasing some of the best affordable drivers cars you might want, and may be able to afford to own.

Ok, first things first. This site is not intended to be an extensive, definitive list of every single sports or performance car ever made. That would be silly, and since it’s just me typing, it would take way too long, and I have a very short attention span, and my fingers would hurt.

The idea is simply to document (with as many useful and relevant links, images and video as possible) as many affordable drivers cars as I can. And the keyword here is affordable. Theres plenty of amazing supercars in the world and even more websites dedicated to them and their followers. That’s not what Drivers Generation is about. Let me explain…

I’ve always been into cars in a big way. Since I can remember, I’ve been all over the shop, freezing my ass off in wet forests watching Group B rally cars spit large chunks of the UK at my head. Then, away to the next muddy stage in the back of some GTi or other (usually involving a tight corner, an inappropriate application of a hand-brake, and the exclamation “plenty sidevaaays!!”) timed perfectly to arrive just before the same car that launched the first rocky salvo returns to complete the job on the second stage. I loved it. But thinking back, I began to realise I was just as interested in the array of GTi-Turbo-Nutter driving tools parked up at the events as I was in watching the real multi-million pound race machines do their thing. Like any red blooded car-nut, I wanted to know more, then I wanted to own them.

Fast forward to when I got a proper job (as a CGI artist and animator. I know, not a proper job at all but they gave me money to crayon things and then make them move, I never had the heart to give them their money back.) and with it the means to actually buy cars. Thus began my real, lifelong career as buyer, seller, test driver and reviewer of the best cars in the entire world ever… Or just the ones I could afford to get my mucky paws on at the time. Still, the extensive research phase inherent in the attempted acquisition of any car eventually gave me the idea of putting together something like this site.

So here we are, Drivers Generation. The clue is in the name, “Drivers” because every car in the site must be a pukka drivers car. and “Generation” which refers to the fact that a lot of the best versions of cars were the older generation Mk1′s, though thats not always the case. Theres a hell of a lot of amazing and affordable cars out there. Some of them are pretty obvious, some maybe less so. There’s no actual defined cutoff point to affordability (some expensive cars have now become affordable while some cars have always been cheap) though none of the cars listed thus far would cost more than around £20,000 to find, most are considerably cheaper than that. The main point is thats they’re good, driver focused cars that just so happen to have become attainable now.

Of course deciding which cars should be in is subjective, and since I’ve not owned or driven every single car in the list (yet…) I sometimes have to go on what others have said about them, reviews, general consensus etc. Of course there are cars not yet on the site (I’ve got a big to-do list), and some I’ve not thought of yet and some that you might think should be on there.

The site is in it’s infancy right now, eventually I’d like it to be more community based, I’d love to have a much more rich and deep information base for each car and only really enthusiast owners and forum communities could provide that. Think of the site as a good start, and a base for your cool, drivers car selecting pursuits.

Err, thats about it for now. If you like the site or would like to help with additional info/links/pics/videos etc on any of the cars then email me, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.




Andy aka theninj.