Images: A Frosty Morning Drive

theninj December 13, 2012 0
Images: A Frosty Morning Drive

I got up this morning and on a whim, decided I’d take my camera out with me. It looked pretty cold outside and living on the edge of the peak district I thought it’d be a good opportunity to take some snaps. So I dropped off daughter number one at school, then headed off into the wild icy plains that were the roads around Redmires Reservoir and beyond.

My MX5 Turbo is my one and only car and as such doesn’t get washed as often as I would like, but you know sometimes, on a day like today, that only seems to make it look better. Well, kind of.

So heres a few snaps I took, warts and all. A very dirty, very fast, very loved MX5 in all it’s used and abused splendour.


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