Video: Great Insight into Driving an F1 Car

theninj December 17, 2012 0

Be honest, who hasn’t sat down, F1 sunday afternoon, packet of crisps in one hand, TV Remote in the other and uttered the immortal words “Yeah, I could do that…”. We’ll I have anyway.

But lets face it, we couldn’t just jump into a Formula One car and drive it at race pace. No way. An F1 car is so far removed from even the fastest, most track focused of road cars it’d be like my 4 year old saying she could ride Valentino Rossi’s Race Ducati round Laguna Seca “easy”. Nope.

This video from Autocar is a really interesting little insight into what it takes for even a hugely experienced driver of all manner of automotive exotica like Chris Harris to drive one. The thoughts of legendary ex F1 racer and broadcaster Martin Brundle are especially interesting.

Heres the 3 part video:

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