Alfa GTV Cup

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Alfa GTV Cup

Alfa GTV Cup

What you need to know

Ok, so its an Alfa. So you already know it’s not going to be the most reliable car in the world. And yes, it’s a front wheel drive Coupe. Nothing wrong with that. Ok it’s never going to be a tail happy driving god but thats not the point. Just look at it. And even when you’re done ogling the lovely Italian-ness of it, the best bit is the way it sounds. That 3 Litre Alfa V6 is about as good as they sound this side of a Ferarri.

The Alfa GTV Cup is a limited edition built to celebrate the Italian one make race series. Built from 2001 until 2003 it was basically a special edition of the GTV but with only 150 UK cars made it really was the last fling before the facelift (and less good looking) GTV came online in 2003.

Featuring 17 inch “Telephone Dial” alloys, side vents, side skirts, a deeper front air dam and better, more  supportive Momo sports seats and a metal build number plaque. Mechanically though, the Cup is the same as the V6.

It’s pretty quick. The fabulous sounding (especially if you “upgrade” the exhausts) 218bhp V6 pulls to 60 mph in about 6.5 seconds and will go on to 154 mph. It’s no slouch round the corners either, though not in the same league as some of the latest front wheel drive offerings from the likes of Renault et al, theres no trick LSDs or traction control to interfere with things. Fast and safe then.

So if you’re after a bit of Italian soul the GTV cup is a bargain. Very good, well looked after used cars can be found for around the £7k mark at the moment (Dec 2011). Factor in a bit of cash for a nice “free flowing” exhaust (and possibly a couple of trips to the menders) and you’ll be laughing.


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