Escort RS Cosworth

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Escort RS Cosworth

Escort RS Cosworth

Legendary Escort RS Cosworth also simply known as the “Cosseh!” if you happen to live in the North.

What you need to know:
There were 2 generations of the car produced. The first, produced from Febuaray 1992 utilised the large but laggy motorsport spec Garrett T3/T04B Turbo in order to comply with homologation rules of the time. Later in 1994 the  turbo was changed for a smaller, more road friendly Garrett T25 unit. These second generation cars were also made available without the “whale tail” spoiler, although most cars were sold with.

Like all RS and Cosworth Fords, the Escort has a strong following amongst enthusiasts. The Cosworth YBT engine being particularly suitable for modification and tuning.


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