Suzuki Cappuccino

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Suzuki Cappuccino

Suzuki Cappuccino

With it’s tiny dimensions and puny 650cc engine you can’t help but ask why? But this tiny 2 seater is more go kart than car, in a good way.

Built to be exempt from the draconian parking laws, the Cappuccino complies with the Kei Jidocha (small car) regulations which mean any compliant car has to be less than 3295 mm long by 1395mm wide, have no grater than 660cc displacement and power output no greater than 63hp.

The little Cappuccino is tiny in comparison to even the smallest european hatchbacks, almost comically so, and tends to be overlooked as a serious proivder of sporting fun. But look a little harder and theres a few clues; rear wheel drive, snappy gearchange, Elise-like weight (690kg) and a motorcycle derived 3 cylinder turbocharged and intercooled 12 valve engine with a rev limit of over 9000rpm.

Because the 660cc turbocharged engine was built with a forged crank, conrods and an iron block, tuning is relatively simple and inexpensive. A simple ecu upgrade (around £400) will increase the boost pressure from the standard .88 bar to around 1.0 bar. This alone will yeald around 80-85 bhp. You could go further and add bigger injectors, larger intercooler to run more boost and see power rise up around the 120-140 bhp mark. This in a car that weighs around 750kgs is a recipe for cheap fun.

Spiritual successor to the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget.


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