Toyota MR2 Roadster

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Toyota MR2 Roadster

Toyota MR2 Roadster

The Mk3 version of Toyotas 2 seater sportscar takes off where the original left off. Small, lightweight, and agile. Get over the effeminate styling and impracticality and theres a proper mid engined hero underneath. Cheap too!

Also known as MR-S in Japan and MR2 Spyder in the US, the Roadsters 1.8 litre VVTi engine delivers around 140bhp as standard which in a car that weighs around 1000kg results in lively performance and excellent handling. Being Japanese the Toyota will run forever and take any track related abuse you care to throw it’s way, it’s not practical though. No boot means any luggage has to be stuffed into small cubbys behind the seats and an even smaller cubby under the bonnet. Still, less luggage means less weight anyway, and thats always a good thing.

There are also various tuning otions available if you feel the need to spend some money making it go faster. Turbo and Supercharger kits offer power upgrades easily taking the output up to around the 200bhp mark. Couple that with upgraded suspension and you have a fairly seriously quick mid engined sportscar.


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